Powerlifters to host meet Saturday

After competing at a meet in Clyde this past Thursday, Sweetwater High School’s powerlifting teams will host their own event — the annual Arlon Barnes Classic — Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at the SHS gym. Over 300 lifters represen-ting about 20 schools are expected for the meet, the last for Sweetwater before regional competition. The girls’ regional meet will be March 3 at Monahans and the boys’ regional meet is March 9 at Sundown. The top regional qualifiers will advance to state competition at Corpus Christi and Abilene, respectively.At Clyde’s meet, the Sweetwater boys placed third out of the 18 teams. Among individual competitors, Mateo Gonzales won the 242-pound class by lifting 1,415 pounds; Jay Lomas (790) was second in the 123-pound class; Donald Baker (985) was second in the 148-pound class; Sam Nemir (1,330) was second in the 181-pound class; Ryan Linebaugh (1,200) was third in the 165-pound class; Jonathan Browning (775) was fifth in the 132-pound class; Angel Caballer0 (1,080) was fifth in the 275-pound class; Chase Saunders (1,080) was sixth in the 275-pound class; Austin Marlett (915) was seventh in the 148-pound class; Kendal Rea (1,110) was 12th in the 220-pound class; and Steven Le (890) was 14th in the 181-pound class.The Sweetwater girls were fourth out of the 16 teams in their division. Among individuals, Alex-is Thompson (505 pounds) was second in the 105-pound class; Allie Zavaleta (640) was second in the 123-pound class; Bri Painter (475) was third in the 114-pound class; Kimmie Lomas (535) was third in the 132-pound class; Dana Hohn (630) was third in the 165-pound class; Cari Aguilar (650) was third in the 148-pound class; Lexie Perez (670) was fourth in the 181-pound class; and Valeria Zavaleta (435) was fifth in the 114-pound class.Perez (214.61) was second in the dead lift for lifters in the 181-to-220-pound classes and Thompson (119.66) was third in the bench press for lifters in the 97-to-165-pound classes.Softball, tennis athletes will begin tournaments in Abilene, SW todayA number of Sweetwater softball and tennis athletes compete in tournaments today through Saturday. Tennis athletes will be especially busy as the JV, varsity and middle school teams will all stay in Sweetwater for their respective one-day tournaments at the high school courts.Meanwhile, the varsity softball team is starting its 2012 season at Abilene’s Ice Breaker tournament with three games at Abilene High School. Today’s schedule called for games with Anson, Clyde and Abilene Cooper. On Friday, Sweet-water plays Albany at 9 a.m. at Lone Star Field and Eula at 3 p.m. at Abilene High.