Proclamation signed for Soil Stewardship Week

Each day people take a spoon of food and put it in their mouth. Where does all of that food come from? How does it get from the soil to the spoon? It is a long process that depends on many people across the country and sometimes around the world.Responsible land management and care of our soil makes it possible to feed a population that is increasing, while agricultural land is decreasing.America's network of 3,000 conservation districts across the country are working on the ground each and every day with local farmers, ranchers and landowners to protect our soil, water and air for future generations. Conservation districts have been involved in delivering locally-driven conservation across America for more than 70 years.Each of us has a responsibility to our family and community to make the connection from where our food comes from, to the agricultural community which not only helps produce the food, but cares for the land where it grows.2012 marks the 57th year of the National Association of Conservation Districts National Stewardship Week. Help us celebrate National Soil and Water Stewardship Week - Soil to Spoon - April 29 through May 6.Local board members are Johnny Ussery, Chairman, J.C. Stroman, Jr., Vice-Chairman, Mark Wright, Secretary/Treasurer, Ralph Stirl, member, and Don Campbell, member.Contact the Nolan County Soil and Water Conservation District at 103 W. Florida Ave., or call 325-235-4485 ext. 116 for more information.