Proposition against rattlesnake gassing postponed by TPWD

The state proposal to ban gassing as a way to capture rattlesnakes has been postponed.This is big news for Sweetwater, where dozens of people spoke out last week in opposition to the proposal.If it had passed, Sweetwater's biggest economic event of the year — The Rattlesnake Roundup — could have been in jeopardy.According to State Representative Susan King's office, the Texas Parks and Wildlife department sent out an e-mail stating it has pulled the snake gassing item for consideration at this week's meetings.According to a phone message and e-mail, Texas Parks and Wildlife have elected to pull the snake gassing item for consideration at the Commission meeting Thursday. There are material changes that TPWD staff have proposed to what was originally proposed in the Texas Register. At a public hearing last week in Sweetwater, more than 200 citizens showed up to participate in a public hearing on the proposed rule.In an e-mail directed to Rep. King and her staff, "As such, it only seems fair to give all interested parties more time to consider and contemplate those changes.""It is my understanding that an announcement will be made tomorrow by TPWD, along with letting the public now of the intention to hear a revised proposal when the Commission meets in March.  For the people of District 71, this is a testament to public participation and citizens having a voice within the process of rule making. I look forward to continuing the conversation and helping set the best policies for our region and our state," stated Rep. King.