Public gives input during city meeting

A concern was expressed about the establishment of gas meters in residential areas during the public input portion of September's city commission meeting.Glenn Wortham shared that on McCaulley Street, between 12th and 13th streets, Atmos Energy were placing the meters on the curbs. He also showed pictures to the commission of the newly-erected meters.This same type of situation took place in the past, but Wortham was informed that the company would discontinue the practice.As stated in the City Manager's report by Eddie Brown, the commissioners were set to take a tour of the new SNAP (Senior Nutrition Activities Program) building once the meeting was adjourned. Wortham suggested that they also take a trip to the area in question during this time to view the new meters.Wortham added that he was informed that once the line is placed, the homeowner becomes responsible for the property between the meter and home. Thus, Atmos no longer becomes responsible for maintaining the line.He also asked if the city would be able to visit with Atmos representatives on the issue. Although it was questioned as to whether the city has any authority to take action, Brown stated that he would make an initial visit.Brown also shared in his monthly report that the City of Sweetwater would be hosting Leadership Sweetwater on October 8 to give them tours of various city departments. Additionally, the commissioners were given information in their packets regarding TxDOT's (Texas Department of Transportation) plans for the Lamar Street reconstruction, in which the work is already underway.