Public hearing held on county tax rate

During Monday's special-called meeting of the county commissioners, the first public hearing was held on the proposed tax rate for 2013-2014.The total proposed rate stands at .507552, which is the combination of the general fund's M&O (maintenance and operations) at .382542, the general fund I&S (interest and sinking) at .064469, and the farm to market fund at .060541. No input, however, was heard on the item.Prior to the close of the public hearing, approval was given to hold the second public hearing on the proposed tax rate at the meeting on Monday, August 26. Also during the meeting, a brief discussion was held on the progress on the courthouse facade. The steps on the west side will soon have concrete laid out, as the workers were slated to arrive either Monday or Tuesday.Continual progress is expected to be seen, as clips have been put up and orders are being made. Following the work on the stairs, progress will be made on the rest of the building.