Public hearing held on right-of-way closures

A public hearing was held during February's Sweetwater City Commission meeting to consider requests for the abandonment and closure of two right-of-ways.The first right-of-way is platted as a future dead-end street extension of Industrial Drive, which is currently undeveloped and located in the western portion of Lot 8 of the industrial park. A similar, yet developed, parallel dead-end street currently exists approximately 155 feet to the east. The second right-of-way is a twelve-and-a-half foot by 600 foot platted but undeveloped alley located between Murrah and Sam Houston Streets (west to east) and Florida Avenue and West Bradford Lane (north to south). In this area, numerous portions of streets and alleys are currently closed.Kirk Harris, the city services director, presented the information to the commission, stating that the first right-of-way serves no purpose and that the owners have requested for its closure. The closure is recommended by city staff, and SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) has no opposition toward its closure as well.The second right-of-way was noted as being located directly south of Stanley Ford. Florida Avenue will remain open, but the street is not developed.The only public input heard on the matter was from Paul Johnson of Abilene regarding the first right-of-way, in that the dead-end street divides the property. The prospect for the area, he stated, desires to place a larger yard about 3 acres.With the exception of the letter from SEED, no other responses were heard on the issue. Jim Clements with Oncor, who was in attendance at the meeting, stated that the company has no opposition on its closure as long as the company had no equipment located in the area.No other public input was heard, thus the public hearing was closed. The commissioners then approved the closure of the alleyway and industrial street.