Public hearing set for proposed county budget

During Monday's county commissioners' meeting, the proposed tax rate for the 2013-2014 fiscal year was presented.The total tax rate was presented at .507552, which exceeded the effective tax rate. Thus, a record vote was taken and unanimously passed.The proposed budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year was then filed with the County Clerk, which was approved. Approval was also given toward a public hearing on the 2013-2014 proposed budget, set for Monday, September 9.However, a public hearing was held at Monday's meeting on the county and district clerk's record management and archive plan. While no input was heard from the public, it was stated that changes were made due to House Bill 1513, which was passed by the Texas Legislature.The bill allows for counties to charge an additional $5, which would bring the total to $10. Since 2010, only $613 has been collected through the plan.The funds collected are used to modernize and digitize records, which keeps from having the money to be budgeted. As a result, tax payers do not have to cover the costs.The bill will remain in effect for the next six years. After the hearing was closed, approval was given to add the $5 fee for a new total of $10 in accordance with the bill.Also during the meeting, the commissioners approved a speed reduction on County Road 290 to 35 miles per hour. Tommy White, Precinct 3 commissioner, presented the information to the court as the area lies within his precinct.Following a conversation White had with a representative from Mine Service Limited, the nearby water station is one factor that will lead to an anticipated increase in truck traffic, prompting a decrease in the speed limit.And in other business related to Precinct 3, approval was given toward the purchase of a F-150 Ford pickup through the buyboard from Philpott Motor Company. The 2013 model will cost $23,800.