Purchases approved by city

Various purchases were approved by the Sweetwater City Commission during their meeting held on Tuesday.Among them were three pickup trucks to be purchased through the Texas Buy Board. A half-ton, four-door crew cab will be used by Code Enforcement; a 3/4-ton, extended cab four-wheel-drive truck will be used by Source of Supply; and a half-ton, extended cab four-wheel-drive truck will be used at the Purification Plant.A tractor with a batwing mower to be purchased through the state's buy board was also approved to replace the current model which is from the 1990s. All the vehicles were budgeted items, and the Texas Buy Board has proven to be the best way to obtain the vehicles.In addition, approval was given to purchase a used, five-yard dump truck under $50,000. The amount was set due to the fact that state law requires that any purchase over $50,000 must go through the bidding process.Also during the meeting, four bids were opened for AC10 asphalt and grade 4 crushed rock, which will be used in this year's street seal-coating project. After their review, city staff came back with the recommendations to go with Alon USA for AC10 asphalt at the cost of $2.55 per gallon for 30,000 gallons and Vulcan Construction for grade 4 crushed rock at $32.66 per ton, which was approved.Furthermore, approval was given authorizing city staff to advertise for bids on city-owned lots located at 112 and 114 Tom Green. A nearby resident wishes to buy the lots, but the city must go out for bids in order for the lots to be sold. Additionally, the bid must include the minimum appraisal values--which was cited around $970--as well as the cost for advertising. By selling the lots, they can be placed back on the tax rolls.