Purchases approved at RPHM board meeting

At the Monday evening board meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), approval was given for the purchase of two Phillips EKG (electrocardiogram) modules for the Emergency Room department.According to Rosa Best, the Chief Nursing Officer at RPMH, the modules are portable, which leads to even quicker care for patients. The amount of time it takes to offer this type of care is a factor in quality measures and compliance scores.Phillips recently updated their system, which now brings the total to around $10,000 for the portable modules. The hospital already has a Phillips system in place.In addition, the hospital's compliance plan was reviewed and approved. While revisions take place take place on an annual basis, no amendments were cited for this year. The yearly plan ensures that regulations within the local, state and federal levels are being met.Furthermore, following a fifty-minute executive session, the credentialing files and quality report were approved. The two items were discussed during the closed meeting, along with deliberations in regards to possible improvements to real estate.Other action items reviewed and approved were the January 2013 financial statements. It was noted that the month was one of the highest revenue months on record, largely in part to over 1,300 emergency room visits.The accounts payable and payroll for January 2013 also were reviewed and approved, as well as the bad debt write-off for the past month. Additional approval was given for the minutes from the previous meetings.And in old business, it was determined that the board's self-assessment results would be reviewed at the annual board retreat, slated for mid-June this year. The findings would be given to the retreat's facilitator and reviewed at that time.