Racial profiling report submitted by Sheriff Warren

At Monday's county commissioners' meeting, Nolan County Sheriff David Warren presented the state-mandated 2012 Racial Profiling Report for the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO), which was formally received by the commissioners.For the 2012 calendar year, a total of 277 people were stopped by Nolan County Sheriff's Office deputies. From the total, six contacts led to a search, in which five of those contacts consented to the search. Ten contacts resulted in an arrest, and 189 total tickets were issued.Making up a large portion of that number is the White population, with 198 stops or 71.5%. The white population for the county stands at 59.2%, while the state's white population is 44.8%.Out of the 198 white people stopped, 4 searches were conducted, with three of them being consensual. Three of the contacts led to custody arrests, while 131 traffic tickets were issued among whites.Hispanics were the second-largest group, standing at 65 stops or 23.5%. The Hispanic population for the county and state is 34.4% and 38.1%, respectively.From the 65 Hispanic stops, one search was consented and conducted. Five contacts resulted in a custody arrest, while 48 tickets were issued to Hispanics stopped by the NCSO.Following Hispanics were African-Americans, making up 13 stops or 4.7%. the county's African-American population is 5.4%, while the state's population for this ethnic group is 12.2%.The one search conducted on the 13 stopped African-Americans was consensual, whereas two contacts led to a custody arrest. Nine tickets were issued to the African-Americans who were stopped.No Asians were stopped, in which the county and state population for this race stands at .6% and 4%, respectively. No Native Americans were stopped as well, although the county and state populations for this race are at 1%.However, one Middle Easterner--or .4%--was stopped by NCSO deputies. As a result, one ticket was issued. Overall, the report stated that "no complaints of racial profiling [were] lodged against any member of the Nolan County Sheriff's office during calendar year 2012."