Rattlesnake Round-Up results announced

An estimated crowd of 30,000 attended the 53rd Annual Sweetwater Jaycees World's Largest Rattlesnake Round-Up.The total pounds of Western Diamondback Rattlesnake weighed totaled 1,841 pounds, a decrease from last year's total of 2,168 pounds. Those bringing in the most pounds of rattlesnake were first place Andy Lee, second place Eric Timaeus, third place Herbert Hoover, fourth place Jaeret Heiney and fifth place the Cliff Seekers. The longest rattlesnake was caught by Eric Timaeus and measured 78.5 inches long.Other contests were held at the Round-Up including the rattlesnake eating contest. The winner was Francisco Melendez of Euless. Riley Sawyers was the winner of the beard contest with the longest beard.Winners of the 21st Annual Brisket/Chili Cook-OffRattlesnakeFirst Place, Dave BooneSecond Place, Bobby DallardThird Place, Richard LettBrisketFirst Place, Danny GonzalezSecond Place, Fernando MorenoThird Place, Robert BredemeyerChickenFirst Place, Skylar BaxterSecond Place, Joe CrawfordThird Place, Don ClevengerRibsFirst Place, Debbie WaltzSecond Place, Jim BaileyThird Place, David LefterAlso held during the Round-Up was the 12th annual dessert contest and 17th annual salsa challenge. The following are the winners of the dessert contest: Cakes, Lori Jones of Sweetwater; cobbler, Melissa Garcia of Odessa; pies, Wendy Abbott of Sweetwater; miscellaneous desserts, Bash Riprocks of Lubbock; best overall dessert, Lori Jones of Sweetwater.The following are the winners of the salsa challenge: Most Unique, Bash Riprocks; Hottest, Dwayne Johnson of Loraine; Mildest, Mitzi Huett of Sweetwater; People's Choice, Stella Vaughn of Odessa; Best Overall, Brian Villanueva of Abilene.