RELIGION: Local churches meeting for Vacation Bible School plans

BROADWAY BAPTIST CHURCHGrowing up my parents loved to listen to country music. Of course that meant that while we were traveling, we had the privilege of listening too. One song in particular stuck in my head that went like this: “I’ve got a tiger by tail it’s plain to see...” I’m sure many of you remember that song. It’s about a man that went bear hunting, and when he finally caught one, he didn’t know what to do with it.As young people we set out on a journey to find that “perfect” mate. We seek someone beautiful, intelligent, witty and fun to be with, then when we think we have found them, we marry them and live happily ever after. Yeah, right! Like that ever happens. Like that bear hunter, we find we got what we were seeking, but don’t know what to do with it. Relationships are challenging. Marriages are hard work and things just don’t “work out,” because we find that special someone. In my message this week I will be sharing: “I Sought. I Caught. Now, what do I do?” I will be teaching from God’s Word on finding the right person and keeping them.If you don’t have a church home, we, at Broadway Baptist Church, would like to welcome you to come and visit us this Sunday. Our Life Groups, which is for all ages, starts at 10 a.m. Our morning service is at 10:50 a.m. and our evening service begins at 6 p.m. Come and let us be a blessing to you as we worship the Lord together.EMMANUEL FELLOWSHIP CHURCHWe invite you to join us this Sunday at Emmanuel Fellowship Church! Our Sunday morning services are at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Both morning services are filled with the same warm fellowship, dynamic worship and life-giving messages, as well as top-notch children’s ministry and nursery care for children up to fifth grade. This week, we dive into our New Testament Challenge! Each week during the challenge, we will be looking at one of the eight major themes of the New Testament. This Sunday, we are exploring what the New Testament has to say about “Perseverance.” If you would like to prepare your heart for the service with a daily reading, log on to and click on the “New Testament Challenge” link. EFC’s Wednesday evening children’s ministry is in full-swing, with children ages birth through fifth grade exploring what living life with Jesus really looks like. They meet Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:30 p.m. and are loving their all-new facilities. Come check out the all new “Faith Factory.” Our kids will be serving up a brisket burrito lunch after both services this Sunday as a fundraiser for their upcoming trip to Kids’ Camp. Come hungry, leave happy and support some great kiddos all at the same time.The Salvage Yard youth ministry, for grades 6-12, meets Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. for their worship service and again on Sundays at 6 p.m. for small group discipleship. Lifegroups for adults meet Monday evenings (Young Adults Group, Tuesday evenings (Celebrate Recovery) and Wednesday evenings (Family Groups and Women’s Group) at 7 p.m. For more information on how to connect with a small group, check out the Lifegroups display in the church foyer, or log online to also invite you to step into The Growth Central Bookstore when you visit EFC. It’s stocked with Bibles, study aids, devotionals, marriage and parenting resources, worship music, inspirational gifts, original art and fiction books. There’s something for everyone. The bookstore is open between Sunday morning services, from 10:30-11 a.m. and 12:30-1 p.m. For more information about the ministry of EFC, log onto the church website at LUTHERAN CHURCHFaith Lutheran MS now sing Alleluias since the Easter celebration for we know that our Savior lives. We come together each Sunday morning to receive the guidance and strength to do His will in our daily lives. It is our prayer that you would come and worship with us and the worship would be meaningful to you. We extend a warm welcome to attend Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. and worship service at 10:45 a.m.FIRST BAPTIST CHURCHFirst Baptist Church invites you and your family to join us on this Sunday, April 14, for Bible study, beginning at 9:15 a.m. for all ages, followed by the Sunday morning service, which begins at 10:30 a.m. First Baptist Church is located at 213 East Third Street, next door to the Post Office. All are welcome. Your presence will enhance our worship experience and fellowship together.There are many opportunities for service. Children’s Church facilitators are always welcome. High School Camp will be June 9-14. Vacation Bible School will be June 24-27. P3 at Circle Drive will be July 7-11. Missions Camp will be July 30-August 2. Lad and Lassie Camp will be August 2 and 3. Day Camp will be on August 3. P3 at Coral Cove will be August 4-8.Kid X continues on Wednesday nights beginning at 6 p.m. Kid X is an exciting way for children in Kindergarten through sixth grade to learn about.Heart Gallery is a collection of portraits featuring children in foster care who are currently waiting to be adopted. Please join us in prayer for those who are pictured in the foyer.The Rolling Plains Semi-Annual Meeting will be Sunday, April 14, at Calvary Baptist Church in Colorado City. At 5:30 p.m., a meal will be provided along with a time for questions and answers concerning their strategy planning process. At 6:30 p.m., Daniel Dotson, pastor of First Baptist Church in Blackwell, moderator/acting DOM will bring the message.The students will be having several fundraisers for camp and other summer activities. In May, there will be a church garage sale. If you have items you would like to donate, let Tique Hamilton know, and we will store them in Thee Hut. Also, the youth will be painting addresses on driveways and curbs for donations. If you need your address updated so people can see it better, let Tique know.For in depth information on First Baptist Church Sweetwater, find us on Facebook and check our website HEIGHTS UNITED METHODIST CHURCHOur Church’s Mission Statement: “To glorify Christ in all that we do by bringing People to Christ and equipping them to serve Christ.”Join us for Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. and worship service at 10:45 a.m., with Pastor Claude bringing the message entitled, “Re-Commissioned: Do you Love Me More than These?” Worship assistants are Lisa Peterson serving as worship leader, Brenda Alexander leads the congregational hymns and plays the keyboard, pianist is Eugenia Hill and our greeter for the month of April is Ada Belle Clark.Highland Heights’s spring rummage and bake sale is scheduled for Friday, April 19, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, April 20, from 8 a.m. to noon in the church fellowship hall. We welcome you to come and shop for bargains and purchase delicious baked goods.Our Samaritan Hospitality House collection will be consecrated on Sunday, April 21, during morning worship. A field trip is scheduled for delivery on the following Friday. “The House” is located in Colorado City and ministers to families visiting loved ones that are incarcerated in area prisons. With a homelike atmosphere, the facilities provide weekend lodging for family members during their stay free of charge. If you wish to contribute, please call the church office, phone at 235-2454, for further information.“April Showers” is a familiar phrase to all of us. Living in West Texas, we know that rain is always a blessing. “Bless This House” asks that we thank God for providing for our needs by sending the rain and protecting us from harm during the severe weather conditions that accompanies the welcomed moisture.You are always invited to join us at 1801 Lamar Street, sharing in our vision of making Disciples of Jesus Christ, growing spiritually, fulfilling our God-given gifts, witnessing to others and ministering to ones in need.LAMAR STREET BAPTIST CHURCHWe invite you and your family to join us Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday school, followed by our 10:40 a.m. service including children sermon, hymnals and praise songs, and Bro. Billy Oliver will bring a message from the Bible. Our evening service starts at 6 p.m., Bro. Billy will bring another message from the Bible.On Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., we offer activities for first through sixth graders led by Ruby Arnold and Donna Lanfrey, activities for preschool age led by Jessica Parks, youth activities for 7th-12th graders led by Carolyn Mullican and Michelle Adams and Bible study and prayer for adults led by Bro. Billy Oliver.We want to remind members that are many opportunities to give within our church, for example, our food pantry, our local mission projects and helping our children and youth attend camp this summer, and our two Zambia kids we give to each month and more.If you have not given to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, it’s not too late. The theme is “Whatever It Takes,” please pray and prepare your heart to give to North American Missions.There will be a VBS meeting on Sunday, April 21, at 5 p.m., we will be setting the date so please come if you plan to help.Lamar Street Baptist Church is celebrating its 100th year. We are gathering addresses of past and present members and staff, so please contact someone from the church if you have any information. The 100th committee has set the date for the celebration on Sunday, Oct. 13. The next committee meeting will be Sunday, May 5, at 5 p.m., and open to anyone that wants to be involved.Please continue to pray and encourage the members serving on our pastor search committee, and members church-wide. There is a mailbox in the foyer to send uplifting words to our brothers and sisters in Christ.To learn more about Lamar Street Baptist Church, visit us at 513 Lamar, find us on Facebook or call the church at 235-1779 and leave a message and someone will return your call.WORD OF GOD CHURCHHave we modernized Christianity so much through the generations that now what it means to be a “Christian” is to go to a building called a church on Sunday services, Wednesday services or any other day to gather together to help ourselves feel good about ourselves and the proclamation we make about being Christians? What happened to what Jesus said about those who are taking on the characteristics of Christ? “Pick up your cross daily and follow me.” As we come to Christ and we learn of Him, we are to take His yoke on us.There is a calling in the Spirit of God that rings out to all believers. Isaiah 6:8 “I heard the voice of the Lord saying, who shall I send and who shall go for me.” The calling is not for the special, the more spiritual, the licensed or the “ordained”. It is for anyone who says they know God. You might say you don’t hear the call. But really we just choose to ignore the call. We choose to say, that is for someone else. But truly what it is, is that we have not really learned of Christ Jesus. We are afraid to because it might require me giving up my comfort zone and my means of taking care of myself. So it is easier to say, I don’t believe God wants me to go yet. Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest of the lost souls of the world is truly enormous but the laborers are few.” That means “Christians” are not giving heed to the call of the Lord. Come to Me, learn of Me, pick up your cross and follow Me. Why do we never get past “learn of me;” because if we truly learned of Christ we would know that our teacher (Jesus) would teach us to follow Him. Matthew 28:18-20, says “Go into all the world and teach all nations, teaching them to obey all things that Jesus taught.” Into all nations! Yet we have people dying in our own communities without Christ, but “we have a wonderful church,” where we can get ours every week. If we were really learning of Christ in churches, we wouldn’t be concerned for our own, because we would have the yoke of Jesus on us, which is easy and gives us rest. Instead we would be looking for those in the dark teaching them of the grace of Christ. It is easy to sit in our pews at church or our chairs at home and say the world is messed up and that it is headed to hell. But it takes a true follower of Christ to get up, pick up the salvation we have been given and go help Jesus seek the lost. Are you afraid of what you will lose. Well so was the rich man in Luke 18:18-25. Jesus said, “Lose your life, gain your life.” Did He really mean it? Learn of Jesus. Jesus said, seek the kingdom of God first and your Father in heaven will take care of you. Do you believe this? Not unless you have learned of Jesus. Our world is falling apart and yet we turn to religion. Is that what the Son of God died for, is that what the Savior of the world wanted, is that what the King of Kings desires? Then why did He say, pick up your cross and follow Me? Transforming ordinary people into passionate followers of Christ through God’s Word, growing them into mature Christians, to be Jesus’ lights in this world and witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus and the Kingdom of God, seeking the lost for the glory of God and His kingdom. We are a non-judgmental ministry — meaning that the ministry itself is not judgmental. We are not concerned where you have been or where you are at, but where you are going. Everyone needs hope and to feel the love of God’s mercy. Those who falter and are weak are welcome. We will guide all that come, into a direction for peace in their life.The teachings from the pulpit are deep rightly divided truth as 2 Timothy 2:15 speaks of. You will hear the unadulterated word of God ministered straight from the Bible, introducing deep truths and promises you can stand on, that will never crumble out from underneath you. These truths have discipled many to be followers of Christ as it can do for anybody. Opening up the eyes and ears of those who receive.Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. there is praise, worship and prayer. From 10:30 to noon there is town evangelizing.On Thursdays from 5:30-7 p.m. there is discipleship Bible study.On Wednesdays from 6:30-8 p.m. the church has youth night.