Report: Gated Area Where Remains Found Never Searched by Investigators

Update:According to CBS affiliate KOSA in Midland/Odessa, at the time of Hailey Dunn's disappearance, a company called American Limestone owned the land now owned by Desert Tanks, where the human remains were discovered on Tuesday.It is being reported that American Limestone did not keep their gates locked, often leaving them open.It is believed that since the area was gated, investigators never searched it after Dunn's disappearance.Also, the Texas Department of Public Safety website shows that other than Hailey Dunn, in the last 10 years there have been no missing persons under the age of 18 in Mitchell County or eight surrounding counties.Update:Hailey Dunn's mother is aware of Tuesday's discovery of the remains.Billie Dunn's attorney John Young told that he has been in contact with her and that she is very upset.She says she prays the remains are not Hailey's and is holding out hope that her daughter is still alive.Billie says this will be a very difficult waiting period.The girl's mother moved to the Austin area last year, and it is currently unclear if she'll return to Colorado City or go to Big Spring.Update:Big Spring Police and the Mitchell County Sheriff are at the scene where human remains were discovered Tuesday afternoon.Investigators have been busy marking the crime scene with yellow flags and crime tape. This morning a large oil tank lid that was covering the crime scene was removed using a fork lift.Later a fleet of unmarked civilian cars, presumed to be the feds, entered the site and drove north of the crime scene, possibly looking for other evidence.Authorities have alerted the media that they will provide briefings from the airport museum, but have not mentioned when the first one will take place.Update:Colorado City Police Chief Roy Owens confirms that he has been in contact with Big Spring Police and visited the site where the remains were found this afternoon. He says right now, this is Big Spring's case and he will wait for more information from them. One of the men who discovered the remains tells's Victor Sotelo that although the body was significantly decomposed, he was able to determine that one part of the remains was a hand, which he described as belonging to a child.Update:The Big Spring Police Department has issued the following release regarding the remains found at the McMahon-Wrinkle Airport Tuesday afternoon:On this date at approx. 2:30 p.m., dispatch received a call that human remains had been found in a pasture near the 2500 block of Apron Drive. The remains were found by workers in the area. Investigators found that the remains are human but due to the condition of the remains nothing else can be determined at this time. The scene was secured at this time and an evidence recovery team from F.B.I Dallas will be in big spring in the morning to process the scene. The gender and identification of the remains are unknown and appear to have been there for a long period of time.6:43 p.m. Update:A forensic team from the FBI in Dalllas is on its way to Big Spring at this hour. The immediate thought for many in this area was that the remains could be those of 13-year old Hailey Dunn who has been missing from Colorado City since just after Christmas of 2010. Sources in the police department say the remains cannot be identified, so the connection to Hailey Dunn is speculation at this time.The remains were reportedly located on the southeast side of the McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, just over a mile from the address listed for Shawn Adkins' mother in an affidavit from January 2011.Original Story:Remains have been found near the Airpark in Big Spring.NewsWest 9 in Midland reports that Big Spring Police say the remains, found near the Airpark, are human.Multiple reports state that the remains were found by employees of a business in the area between 2:30 and 3:00 Tuesday Staff have confirmed that Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs has been called to the scene, as well as the DPS trooper who is investigating the disappearance of Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn. At this time there is no confirmation that the remains may be of the missing girl.