Request made to county for use of property for archery range

At Mondays's meeting of the Nolan County Commissioners, a presentation was given by Mike Hart requesting the use of county property located at the Nolan County Coliseum for an Olympic-sized archery range for local youth and the overall public.Interest in the sport has grown in the county and surrounding communities, with 90 students taking part in the elective class offered this year at Sweetwater Middle School. Throughout the state, hundreds of schools are teaching archery.However, Hart explained that once the school year ends, no place is available for the students to shoot as the program is designed for the school. And by partnering with Zach Wilcox and the Nolan County 4H--which holds competitions in shooting sports, they want to be able to offer students a chance to continue shooting. The public range would be free, but would also be unsupervised. A layout of the possible facility was shown to the commissioners, which would have portable materials. Some discussion has taken place with Coliseum and local 4H personnel on insurance. Additionally, grants are available for opportunities such as this, but work on the grants would have to take place this summer as money is typically distributed during the fall months.The Sweetwater Bowhunters' Association donated time, money and materials for the middle school elective class this year, and would be willing to donate toward the establishment and maintaining the range. Overall, the cost for the range is estimated to be around $6,000.Hart believes that the establishment of an archery range would be a good opportunity to teach kids the sports, while also getting them outdoors. No action was taken on the matter, as the commissioners tabled the item in order to conduct further research and review.Also during the meeting, approval was given to reappoint Elsie Pierce to continue serving on the Juvenile Board. The commissioners also approved for the county-wide burn ban to remain lifted until its consideration at the next meeting.The minutes from the May 27 meeting were approved, while reports were received from the Nolan County Treasurer, Auditor, Clerk and Tax Office. However, potential modification of the Nolan County Procurement Policy was tabled.