Residents assist woman in weekend house fire

A woman was flown to a Lubbock hospital with burns to her face and arms and is in stable condition after a faulty gas line caused a fire in her home on Sunday morning, according to emergency officials.The fire started around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday on the 300 block of W. Texas in Sweetwater.While passing by on the way to get breakfast, Sweetwater residents Marcus Franklin and Erica Juarez saw the fire and the woman standing in her doorway, so they stopped to help. "We saw all of the smoke and saw the woman trying to get back into her house," said Franklin. "I thought she might be trying to get another person out of the house."According to Franklin and Juarez, the woman was trying to save her dog from the fire. "She kept trying to go back inside for her dog. It took quite a while to get her out of danger. She just seemed to be very frightened and was in shock and really wanted to save her dog," said Juarez. "She was covered in soot."The two finally brought the homeowner to the safety of their vehicle after about 5-6 minutes and Juarez looked after her and called 9-1-1, while Franklin tried to see what he could do about the fire.According to Franklin, more residents drove up — Gabriel Molina and Jessica Eivens — and Molina and Franklin tried to contain the fire with the neighbor's water hose until firefighters arrived.Those that helped say that they did what they thought anyone else would do. "If that was my mother, I would hope that a stranger would help her," said Franklin.