Revision of Law Library Publications for County discussed

The Nolan County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Monday morning, September 26, 2011 at the Nolan County Courthouse.A public hearing took place regarding the District Clerk's record management archives plan. Patti Neill, who serves in the respective role, briefed the commissioners on the continued collection of a $5 fee which is used to digitize records.No input was offered; thus the public hearing was closed. Approval was then given for the records management archives plan.One topic heavily discussed during the meeting was on the revision of law library publications for the county, in which the computer that holds the information is located inside the courthouse. The current plan includes several CD-ROMs that are sent to the county--which are installed on the computer for use by inmates and attorneys, along with another company which sends other information via books. The commissioners concluded, though, that the best and most efficient solution would be to upgrade and receive one USB flash drive, which holds all of the data, that would be loaded onto the computer.However, in an effort to not duplicate publications being sent to the county, a contract with the other company would have to be terminated. The presumption was made that the county can get out of the contract easily, and approval was given to upgrade to the flash drive and cancel the other agreement.Approval was also given on a number of items, including a contract with Nitel for T-1 Internet services. The item was discussed and tabled at the last regular meeting held on September 12 in order to review and revise the contract by the County Attorney. Since that time, the county now agrees to the contract. The services will benefit the entire building, which boast strong, simultaneous connections as well as greater upload and download capabilities with consistent speeds.Another item which was brought back from the September 12 meeting was the renewal with Digital Air Control, Inc. for a building automation system service agreement. The same amount was noted in the agreement with the company, who installed thermostats in the building and performs maintenance as needed. As a result, fewer problems have been seen and the renewal was approved.A slight increase, however, was reported in the renewal contract with Elliott Air Conditioning on a monthly maintenance agreement for the Courthouse and Library, but was also approved by the commissioners.Also, a list of items were approved to be auctioned off which consisted of items from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) and the county commissioners. Approval was given to pay comp time to the NCSO as well, which totals around $34,000 and is payed at the end of the fiscal year.Furthermore, an adjustment to the part-time custodian's budget line item--the implementation of the new rate (which does not change the amount)--was approved. Another financial item which was considered and approved was for the County Clerk, Pat McGowan, to purchase 18 roller shelves which will be paid for from the County Clerk's records management funds.Additionally, approval was given for the Justice of the Peace to use Juvenile Case Manager funds to pay for training for Belinda Franklin, who serves the county in that capacity. There is enough money in the fund to use for the training, which will take place in October in Fredricksburg and should prove to be very beneficial for Ms. Franklin in her new role.In other financial news, an agreement with Nemir Pest & Lawn Inc. was approved to provide lawn, shrub and tree fertilization for the Courthouse grounds. The total for the service annually comes at $1455.Approval was given on the minutes of the September 12 and September 19 meetings, and the burn ban was approved to remain in effect for the next two weeks. Reports from department heads--including those from the Nolan County Treasurer and Tax Office, among others--were received, and the County Auditor was authorized to pay claims through the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2011.