Rezoning requests approved by city

Two rezoning requests recommended by the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission were approved by the Sweetwater City Commission during their meeting last week. Prior to the approval, a public hearing was held for both requests. The first request was to rezone a 29.544 acre tract from an E-1 dwelling district to an H business district. The area is more commonly recognized as 501 E. Bradford Lane, which is located east of the property owned by Devon Energy. Initially, the item was originally slated to be a K zone, but a request by the P&Z changed it to be an H district. While an E-1 zone eliminates the need for maintenance in yards--like in the instances of town houses, the H zone does not allow for industrial activity. A proposal from the company was shown to the P&Z, which included storage facilities, an RV park and single-family housing.The only input heard on this item was from Gil Cherry, who said that he was disappointed that no one from the company was present to discuss the plans. However, Cherry added that if an RV park would be placed in the area, he had no objections.The second request was for the rezoning of all of block 1 of the city's Southside Addition from a B dwelling district to a H business district. The block is located behind the used vehicle lot of Family RV Center, on the northwest side of Interstate 20 by Robert Lee, Arizona, Mississippi and Lanham streets.Joe Jaramillo spoke on the matter, who stated that he is looking at developing an RV park on the land for the community. No official plans have been drafted, but he estimates that 40 to 45 lots could be placed on the area.The property is owned by Jaramillo and his father, in which he stated that they would be in charge of fixing and demolishing any excess on the land. Upon returning to regular session from the public hearing, the commissioners approved both requests.