RISD students move into new facilities

Students in Roscoe moved into new facilities once Christmas break was over. The main addition for the school’s collegiate high school is almost complete. According to Superintendent Kim Alexander, all that is needed is some finishing touches, including furniture and signage.The changes for junior high and high school students include a new science and math wing. This portion of the school was formerly the early childhood facility. This wing includes several refurbished classrooms and restrooms, which are right down the hall from the cafetorium.Alexander pointed out that some of those classes will be used for evening adult classes offered to the community at a later date.What was formerly the band hall, is now space for the secondary school administration offices, which is also near the cafetorium.The most noticeable change is the two-story addition to the school and part of the Roscoe Collegiate Center for Innovation and Higher Education located on the back side of the school. In the center of the facility is a large classroom/meeting area for the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. This program is for college preparedness. It prepares students for more rigorous high school classes, which in turn better prepares a student for college.Benny Harris, an assistant AVID instructor, said he sees how much this program helps his students in their other classes. He also pointed out that students learn to more confidently speak in public through the program.Upstairs from the AVID classroom are several other classrooms, project rooms and conferences rooms, as well as a library/research lab. They also have a small distance learning type lab with theater-style seating where students can participate in courses or live lectures via satellite. Classrooms in this facility will be primarily for language arts, foreign language and special projects and research. There is also a technology/computer lab upstairs.Modernized furniture all over the facility accommodates the students as they use modern technology, Alexander pointed out. An elevator makes the two-story facility handicap accessible.Construction is still ongoing. Alexander said demolition to the old high school is planned for next month. Then a new high school gym, concession area for indoor and outdoor use, and several secondary classrooms will be constructed in its place.The plan is for all construction to be completed by the summer of 2012.