Roscoe students graduate with degrees

The Roscoe Collegiate High School celebrated a high achievement on Friday night, May 6 at the Coliseum in Snyder.Over 50% of the graduating seniors attained the unique goal of graduating with an Associate's degree from Western Texas College in Snyder. The 13 seniors also have the distinct honor of graduating high school with the Associate's degree three weeks in advance of receiving their high school degrees.The collegiate school started the program last year, with one student taking advantage and obtaining the Associate's degree. In just its second year and with such a steady growth in the course, the Director of the Roscoe Collegiate High School, Jacob Tiemann, is extremely impressed with the seniors' accomplishments."We were able to learn more about the program this year," Tiemann noted. "By tweaking and adjusting some things, the students were able to take the classes earlier to earn the degrees."Tiemann praised the students tremendously, saying they "outworked everyone" in their efforts to acquire the Associate's degree, which takes 60 college hours to earn.With the tremendous growth that has been shown in the past two years, Tiemann projects to have 75% of next year's graduating seniors earn their Associate's degree."I just want to thank them for their hard work," Tiemann added. "We wouldn't be able to do this without them."