Roscoe summer hoops tourney to start

Ron Howell
Sports Editor

Roscoe holds its Summer Shootout for boys and girls basketball players at both high school gyms on Friday and Saturday.
In addition to Roscoe, teams in this year’s tournament are from Highland (boys), Robert Lee (girls), Hermleigh, Coahoma (girls), Colorado City, Post (girls), Hamlin (girls), Knox City (boys) and Roby (boys). Friday’s schedule follows:
8 a.m. — Roscoe Purple girls vs. Colorado City
9 a.m. — Roscoe White boys vs. Roby
10 a.m. — Hermleigh girls vs. Hamlin
11 a.m. — Roscoe White girls vs. Colorado City
Noon — Hermleigh boys vs. Roscoe Purple
1 p.m. — Robert Lee girls vs. Hamlin
2 p.m. — Roby boys vs. Colorado City
3 p.m. — Roscoe White girls vs. Robert Lee
4 p.m. — Roscoe Purple girls vs. Hamlin
5 p.m. — Hermleigh boys vs. Knox City
8 a.m. — Roscoe boys vs. Highland
9 a.m. — Roscoe White girls vs. Coahoma
10 a.m. — Colorado City boys vs. Knox City
11 a.m. — Robert Lee girls vs. Post
Noon — Coahoma girls vs. Hermleigh
1 p.m. — Roscoe White boys vs. Highland
2 p.m. — Roscoe Purple girls vs. Post
3 p.m. — Colorado City girls vs. Hermleigh
4 p.m. — Coahoma girls vs. Post
5 p.m. — Roscoe Purple boys vs. Roby