Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders Remember Victims and Families of 9/11 with Annual Walk

Lead Writer

Saturday, September 8th the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department and other first responders from the area walked 8.2 miles to honor the fallen of the tragedy that was 9/11. The walk began at 8:00 AM and took approximately 3.5 hours to complete. The 8.2 mile walk began at the Nolan County Plaza in Sweetwater, Texas, with a finish line at the Roscoe Fire Department, in Roscoe, Texas.
First responders on the walk were in full “bunker gear”, with the exception of comfortable shoes and some in rain boots. “Footsteps to ensure that we never forget, and honor the sacrifices of the fallen first responders and families of 9/11.”
What will now be an annual walk started just 2 years when Jessica Stein asked her “brothers” at the Roscoe VFD to join her in a walk to remember the fallen of 9/11. Jessica has always had a passion for 9/11, and wanted to do something for remembrance since she was unable to attend the “stair climb” memorials in Dallas and San Antonio. There first year Jessica and 5 others walked from the Roscoe VFD to the Sweetwater Fire Department. There was little to no advertisement because of the short notice of the walk. Jessica and the 5 “brothers” that walked agreed that this needed to be held annually and that the community and area around them needed to be involved as well.
Jessica commented that “her vision for this walk is coming true” and she is “very excited to have the community and first responders come together for the remembers of the fallen and families of 9/11.”