RPMH ads to begin airing on local TV

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital will be extending their outreach in a new manner, as shown during the Monday night meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District board of directors.Opening the meeting was the airing of the three, thirty-second ads that will begin airing on the local cable channel. The ads were discussed during a previous meeting, in which they promote the care and services offered at the local hospital.The board also took part in a tour of the new office construction during the meeting. Descriptions were given of the new structure, in which some of the amenities will include offices, exam rooms and procedure rooms. Other new additions will be a covered walkway, a courtyard and updates to the walking track.During her report, hospital administrator Donna Boatright briefly discussed the board's self-assessment results. A handout was given to the board members, which offered a summary and review of the results.Boatright was pleased with the overall results, and the board will look over the information between now and the February meeting. At that time, the results will be discussed among the group.One of the reasons of the self-assessment is for the board to use the information to assist them in various instances such as the strategic planning retreat. Slated for this spring, Boatright stated that a professional facilitator is being considered to assist with the event.Also discussed was opportunities for trustee education through the Texas Hospital Trustees' website. Distance learning classes are available online, in which topics such as compliance and board meetings are discussed.Registration for the module classes can be done on an individual basis or through by group. The website offers "webinars"--web seminars--on a variety of topics as well.Boatright also shared her time at a meeting last week, in which the early release of an annual report was shared regarding partnerships with patients from the Texas Center for Quality and Patient Care. In the report was an article outlining some positive aspects of RPMH.Furthermore, customer service training will be taking place this week at the hospital. A short update was also given on the new tobacco-free policy that was implemented at the beginning of 2013 on the hospital facilities, in which Boatright noted that the transition has gone extremely well.