RPMH board discusses budget, tax rate for year

During last Thursday’s meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District’s board of directors, discussion and action was taken regarding the budget and tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year.The 2014 operating budget, as well as the proposed tax rate for the new year, were both reviewed and approved by the board.For the budget, a package presented to board members included a line-by-line breakdown by department. The proposed tax rate for the new year is at .25237--an increase from last year’s rate of .22176, but the same rate from the 2012 fiscal year.Due to the fact that the tax rate is higher than the effective rate, two public hearings are required to take place prior to voting on the tax rate. Approval was given for the hearings to be held on Friday, September 6 and Thursday, September 12, both at noon at the front conference room in the hospital.Thereafter, at the regular board meeting slated for Monday, September 23 at 5:30 p.m., the board will vote on the tax rate.Also during the meeting, the July 2013 financial statements were reviewed and approved, as well as the July 2013 accounts payable and payroll. Approval was also given to the bad debt write-off list for July 2013, which was reviewed before its approval.The issuance of the 2013 contractual obligation was approved, as well as the minutes from the previous meeting. Furthermore, following a forty-minute executive session, the credentialing files and quality report were both approved.And in her Administrator’s report, Donna Boatright discussed physician recruiting, as the hospital is exploring different options on specialists to potentially make weekly visits to the campus. She also stated that the previous Lunch and Learn seminar proved to be a successful program, and the hope is to be able to also attract the younger population to attend future seminars.