RPMH board hears report from FFT

A report was presented by First Financial Trust (FFT) during the Monday night meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District's board of directors. The meeting was held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), in which the presentation was part of the monthly report from Hospital Administrator Donna Boatright.Making the presentation to the board were Wayne Chowning and Bill Rowe. With the previous review taking place 18 months ago, the purpose of the report was to show how the bond market has changed and what measures to take in moving forward.Rowe reviewed the handout presented to the board, which cited values and was broken down by various dates. He stated that at one time, rates were down but have since increased.Since market conditions have changed, the board was asked to amend their strategy as well. A recommendation was given to set aside some money in a short term investment tool in order to avoid use of investments for cash resulting in loss of interest.Some recent delays in funding from the state level led to the consideration of a new strategy to be implemented. While correspondence was made to those at the state level, it has yet to be determined if any action or change will be made.As a result, the board approved setting up a $2 million line of credit for short-term funding for Intergovernmental Transfers (IGT), which will be established at First Financial Bank. The IGT funds come back to the hospital from the state in short time periods. This line of credit will not be used for operations.Also noted in the Administrator's Report was that the results from a survey on hospital safety and culture were received, in which RPMH earned a 79% score. The average score came in around 64 to 65 percent.An update on the construction on campus was given, although progress has been slowed down a bit due to flooring and carpeting. The weather has also made a slight impact, but projects are moving forward overall.In addition, meetings have taken place with staff members in regards to future renovations at the hospital. The architects continue to work on the layout during this time.The board was also informed that physician recruiting is ongoing with discussions being held. And looking ahead, the Christmas activities at the hospital will be held on Wednesday, December 18.