RPMH considering future renovations

RPMH took the next step in considering future renovations to the campus by action of the board during Monday night’s meeting.After obtaining some direction from the board at the August meeting, David White with McKinstry gave an update on potential Phase 4 upgrades of the 37 year old facility which would include, but not be limited to Surgery, Intensive Care and Obstetrics. Consideration of an outpatient dialysis center and in house MRI was also included. As the plans are only preliminary, there will be significant planning and programming needed to come to a point where a project cost could be determined. But, White did point out an increase in Labor and Delivery suites, security enhancements for the obstetrics department, an additional operating suite and space for outpatient surgery patients and recovery room. As part of the planning, two state-generated issues will be studied--an upgrade to the electrical system to include three life-safety circuits and redesign of the front entry of the hospital to bring it up to current ADA standards. These issues are being addressed with the state and a plan for construction and financing is being developed. Presently, the addition of a dialysis facility is on hold pending information from the Department of State Health Services, but will be added to the project if the regulatory requirements permit. The purpose for the McKinstry update was to ask the board for approval to move forward with the plans in order to determine the actual cost of the project. Following the action taken by the board, officials from McKinstry will begin meeting with the medical staff and hospital staff to refine the design plans. The goal is for McKinstry to bring 50% complete design to the board by February 2014 for the board to consider.