RPMH phase 4 update given at board meeting

An update on the proposed Phase 4 project at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital was given at the Monday night meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District.Phase Four would include renovation of the OR, ICU and construction of a new OB department and some additional improvements.David White with McKinstry, the company overseeing the hospital renovations, gave an update on the proposed design, showing the board members the overall layout. The total amount of square footage of the project is around 26,000 feet, with another 5,000 square feet to be added if the hospital moves forward with outpatient dialysis.Of the total amount, around almost 12,000 square feet will be new space. Around 14,000 square feet will be remodel work, which includes updates to the front entry in order for it to be fully handicap accessible. The front entry would have one drive through and a large vestibule with automatic doors to allow for easy access. Additionally, existing restrooms in the front entry of the building will be improved to provide ADA-compliant accessibility. As part of the facility planning project, members of the hospital staff and medical staff recently visited equipment manufacturers and hospitals in California, Washington, and Oregon to plan space and equipment needs. They had the opportunity to evaluate various types of equipment, including a state-of-the-art nurse call system and the possible set up and design of new and existing operating rooms.The proposed improvements will assist in providing industry standard processes for infection control and cutting edge technology to the hospital. Currently, staff, medical staff and administration are determining what equipment will continue to be used and what additional equipment and fixtures will be needed. In the first week of February the board will take part in a workshop in order to learn about the various aspects of this particular phase, notably the financial demands of the proposed project. Should the board decide to move forward, they would begin preparations for the first bond election since the hospital was constructed in 1976. The project is expected to run anywhere from $18.5 to $20 million.