RPMH sees slow month

On Monday night, Nov. 29, the Nolan County District Board of Directors met for its regular session at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.Various approvals were made during the meeting, including the minutes from the previous meeting. However, the board did make a decision to table an approval of the financing of building improvements until more research was conducted. It was reported that there was a discrepancy in the two schedules and investments that were not clarified before the meeting took place, prompting concerns about the interest rates.A majority of the items to be approved, however, were mainly in regards to the financial standing of the hospital. A review was made of the financial statement, accounts payable and the payroll, and the bad debt write-off list all from the previous month. All of the items were approved by the board.The report that was presented to the board concluded that the overall budget for the month of October was below expectations, due in part to a slow month with fewer patients. Very few areas on the budget went over budget during the month. In comparison to last year's budget, the hospital's expenses were higher this October due to a high ER volume. The tax collections, at $9,004, and the investments were low, but more money is coming in and is scheduled to come in the following weeks. The total collections were also the lowest they had been since last October. There was, however, a discrepancy in the budget, as it was well under what it should have been. The board approved a motion to approve an amendment to the budget.During the administrator's report, it was noted that the newest addition to Rolling Plains Hospital, Dr. Ronnie W. Dennis, OB/GYN, has made a great transition into Sweetwater. His number of patients were low last week, due in part to the Thanksgiving holidays. Also reported was that the software vendor for the hospital, CPSI, received their certification on Sept. 15. The certification is a very big accomplishment to the vendor, which should prove to be of a great advantage to the hospital. Another benefit to the hospital is its marketing partnership with Steve Jolly, who has been and will continue to train employees with customer service.There was no old business to cover in the meeting, but the board did take time out to look over various letters of appreciation submitted by patients, praising the efforts of the hospital staff and employees.