RPMH, SISD work together for school district employees

Through discussions with the First Care insurance provider and the Shannon Clinic staff in Sweetwater, the Sweetwater Independent School District (SISD) was informed that the local clinic will not accept First Care by the end of August this year.As previously reported, First Care is a widely used insurance by employees of SISD. And while these changes continue, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) has discussed the issue with Sweetwater ISD administration in order for the two entities to work together so that access to healthcare is provided for the employees of the school district.First Care Medicaid, however, is not affected by these changes."RPMH is and has been a provider for First Care, as well as many other insurances, and will continue to be," said hospital administrator Donna Boatright. Additionally, the local hospital reviews requests to become a provider of other insurance companies, which is based on the requestor's representation of patients within their service area."We want our citizens to have access to physician and hospital care," Boatright added, "and as this situation evolves, we will do our best to make good, sound choices that support our mission."