RPMH swears in new board member

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday evening, Oct. 24, 2011 at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Representatives from First Financial Trust were in attendance to inform the board of the status of their accounts. A review of the markets and the impact felt following the 2008 financial crisis was given, which in turn has affected the rise and fall of rates.As a result, the heavy federal influence on all accounts is evident but has led to longer term security investments. However, the impact is also felt globally, citing Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany and China as financial outlets that can potentially change the economic climate. By offering this outlook of the economy, money management and placement which will prove beneficial to the hospital can be done. Later in the meeting, the board approved the updated banking resolution and authorized signatures for First Financial Trust (reserve, physical therapy, I&S and C/O funds), First Financial Bank (operating, payroll, employee benefit and cafeteria plan accounts), and the money markets for Roscoe State Bank and Texas Financial Bank.Also in attendance at the meeting was Roscoe resident Cheyenne Smith, who was approved to serve on the board as the interim director for District 6. Mr. Smith was sworn in during the meeting by hospital board chairman Steve Holcomb and will fill the seat vacated by Karen Rainbolt, who exited the board in September after 12 years of service.The board also approved the Hospital Construction Policy, which was drafted in the previous week with the help of a consultant. In addition, approval was given on the Infection Control Vulnerability Risk Analysis, which coincides with construction and includes safety measures for the hospital during renovations. Regarding finances, the financial statements for September 2011 were approved, with some revisions noted. Total revenue and revenue reductions for the month were both slightly under budget, but the overall outlook came in better than expected. The Meaningful Use incentive was cited for assisting the month's overall budget numbers.The Reserve Fund analysis for the fiscal year ending (FYE) 2011 was approved as well, with a detailed review of the past year that was noted as a very good year. Approvals were also given for the Physical Therapy Fund analysis; the September accounts payable and payroll, along with the bad-debt write off list for the month, were additionally approved.Furthermore, approval was given on the Credentialing Files, the Quality Report, and the Home Health PI Plan and HHAAS PI Plan. An increase in salary to RPMH Administrator Donna Boatright was also approved, with the board offering their praise for her great work.Other approvals came for the minutes of the previous meetings, along with the minutes of the special called board meeting on October 11. The Medical Staff report, given by Dr. Robert Eaker, was brief in that the newest addition to the RPMH family, Dr. Tim Jones, will begin his practice in mid-November. Ms. Boatright continued the update on Dr. Jones in her Administrator's Report, noting that the move is still in transition and Dr. Jones is ready to join RPMH. Also, the renovations on the Med-Surg unit have begun in earnest since last week with the abatement completed.After Ms. Boatright informed the board that the finance and joint conference committees need to meet on a quarterly basis, both groups decided to meet the Thursday before the regularly scheduled monthly meeting at their respective times.Furthermore, the Breast Cancer's Survivor Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 26. The project leading up to the luncheon, the Field of Pink, brought in over $700 with 115 stakes placed at the hospital. The project proved to be very successful in its first year, and the money raised will be presented to the Cancer Society at the luncheon. Ms. Boatright thanked Bonnie Garcia, the staff and maintenance team for their work on the Field of Pink project.