Saying something important is more important than simply saying something

When it comes to writing my column, I don’t write about government issues or religion. I stay away from the political arena because it’s far too complicated and hostile for me. Instead, when I go to let my column flow, I put pen to paper and tell about what I know — life. Some may say it’s irrelevant, unorthodox or just the easy way out. For those that think that, who knows, maybe they are right, but maybe they aren’t. I have found that there are numerous people willing to voice their opinions on political issues, the government and which religion is better or worse. I read those columns; I get relevant information from them, but I don’t get what I’m looking for from them. All those columnists are ready to voice their opinions and not worry about who will get offended, but when it comes to writing about life you just don’t find that many people that are willing to take the risk and talk about life. I want to read something that gives me understanding, gives me meaning or a lesson.Writing about life is sometimes just as complicated as writing about religion and politics. The difference between them is that with life, there are mistakes, but they can’t be corrected by a simple fact check or spelling change. Life happens and when that moment’s gone nothing can be done about it. When it comes to politics, mistakes are made and kind of like life, people spend so much time trying to undo them or change them, but end up missing even more because of the time spent on a past issue. As with life, moving forward and learning from mistakes is the best way to fix something. Even on the topic of life, there will be those that don’t agree and that will get angry. I have come to understand that anything and everything is going to generate some response; I simply look at it this way, at least they are noticing what I said and it struck a cord. I never write a column expecting everyone to like it, however, I expect to reach at least one person. I want to reach that one person who thinks that there is nobody out there thinking or feeling what they do. I want to get to the point of letting that one person know that no matter what the case, the hurt, pain or insecurity will pass and someone understands. I have been that person who thought nobody cared, nobody understood, and there was no way to make it through. I remember the desperation, the loss of faith and the bitter sadness and wishing that just one person could tell me that they have been there and that it would be alright. After all, that much hurt and sadness had to lead to something better, right — Right. It did and it does. In writing my columns, I have learned that sometimes the person that you are reaching is in your community going unnoticed, sometimes they are a big name, and every now and then they are even a world away. When I started writing, my intention was to reach someone my age, maybe someone younger. However, I never thought that I would be making a difference or striking a cord with someone older than me. Every now and then it turns out that the words I write and the experiences I have bring back a memory or spark a dwindled ember. The person that is seeing the deeper meaning isn’t always the person I thought it would be, but that only makes it better. It only motivates me more. There are times that my columns even end up helping me, more than I ever imagined. There are those times that I write a column, which I thought had gone unnoticed, and then someone pops up telling me how that forgotten column made a difference. There are times when a column makes someone so angry, but yet they share an experience or a lesson I never would have gathered. Either way, good or bad, like or dislike, the reader is noticing and there is an impact. After all, it’s not about saying something that will be well accepted by everyone, it’s about saying something that matters. Amanda Moreno is a former Sweetwater Reporter writer and currently working at the Big Spring Herald. She can be contacted at 263-7331 ext. 234 or by e-mail at