Scam hits locally

Phone scams, unfortunately, are continuing to target the region, but this time the calls are being made from international areas.Elsie Armstead of Roscoe shared her experience of an attempted phone scam, noting that the call came up as "Kingston Jim" on her Caller ID. However, she said that the name is a cover-up for Kingston, Jamaica, the capital of the country.The caller informed Armstead that she was the winner of a $1.15 million prize as a result of shopping at Wal-Mart and was given a tracking number along with a conference number. She would receive her prize at 3 o'clock that afternoon, but she would have to purchase a Green Dot credit card and upload $495.19 to the card--a fee, she was told, that would cover around 1% of the taxes needed by the IRS.Armstead caught on to the scam and ended the call, but the caller proceeded to call her three more times. In one instance, the caller began to spew out profanities to Armstead, in which she informed the scammer that her husband was in law enforcement before cutting off the conversation.Following the attempted scam, she called the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offices in Abilene and gave them the number that came up on her Caller ID. The BBB confirmed the number, 876-248-5509, as a scam and told Armstead to share her incident to the local media. While Armstead noted that the caller sounded very convincing, she hopes her incident will keep the area communities informed and that others will avoid falling victim to these ongoing phone scams.