SEED approves proposal for incoming company

An incentive proposal for Select Energy Services was approved during the meeting of the SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) Board of Directors on Monday morning, September 10, 2012.A presentation was given by Allen Espinoza with Merit Advisors, a site selector for Select Energy Services.As the company has been seeking for a place to locate, Espinoza noted that Sweetwater's placement to Interstate 20 proves to be very beneficial for transportation. The geographic location of the town was also noted as great in order to service clients.The company specializes in oil and gas support services to large companies. In its initial start-up, Select would participate in water hauling and provide anywhere from 40 to 50 well-paying jobs that include full benefits.Select Energy Services would be taking part in a four-year building lease, with hopes of expansion to create more jobs. In turn, this would create success not only for the company but for SEED as well.Upon the board's inquiry about other similar projects with the company, Espinoza shared that several comparable ventures have taken place across the state, like in Brownfield. Cities who have taken on Select, Espinoza said, have seen success and growth not only corporately but throughout the entire community.A timeframe for start-up was also presented, which could take place as early as a couple of months. Following the presentation, the board went into a closed session to discuss the matter, before returning with the recommendation of the incentive package spanning over five years.“SEED is pleased to be a part of bringing a company such as Select Energy to Sweetwater," said Kyle Lawrence, the SEED Board President. "They are a very good community partner and a strong employer. Through steady employment and great employee benefit packages, Select Energy makes for a solid addition to our community!”