SEED continues involvement in Cline Shale Sessions

The local economic development group will continue to take part in the Cline Shale Sessions, as SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) Executive Director Ken Becker outlined the next three months of the sessions during Monday's meeting of the SEED board of directors.The January meeting, to be held in Snyder, will also consist of a dedication ceremony of a rail park. In February, the meeting will include assistance from former Sweetwater Mayor Rick Rhodes along with other state agencies.The session in March will coincide with a conference regarding the Eagle Ford Shale. All of the meetings assist Sweetwater and other surrounding cities in learning from similar opportunities in the oil industry.Becker also noted that as the oil development makes its way to the area, companies in the business continue to make contact with Sweetwater. SEED strives to serve these companies, many of whom desire to not only make a financial imprint in the community but to also be involved citizens.Also part of Becker's report was an update on the newly-formed airport task force, of which board member Bill Johnson is the chairman. As of Monday's meeting, Johnson had acquired two of the four additional members of the group. Johnson said that the municipal airport is an asset to the area, but some safety issues will need to be addressed by the task force. TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) has offered some grants to Avenger Field in the past, but due to the funding offered and the current grant cycle, private partnerships will have to be considered.In addition, an update was given by Kirstin Smith, the Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director. She stated that the SEED website is still going strong, as the property tool is being used and news items are being updated to the site. The website has proven itself as a good investment, in which visitors can see the changes taking place in Sweetwater.Smith also noted that SEED has been serving as an information hub to assist similar yet smaller entities throughout the region. By offering help on issues like technology and office matters, SEED will continue to offer their services to these groups.Senior Interview Day, where local graduating seniors have the chance to participate in a mock interview, has been set for April 23 and 24. Board members were invited to take part in the event to conduct some interviews.In addition, the July board meeting will be moved to the 15th, in order to give SEED staff ample time to prepare for the meeting following some travel plans.