SEED hears Ludlum report

The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) Board of Directors met for its regular session meeting on Monday morning, May 9, 2011 at the Chamber of Commerce.Opening the meeting was a presentation on Ludlum Measurements, Inc. from Jeanie McPherson along with Larry Ludlum. Both McPherson and Ludlum offered a strong report on the company, noting progress from the past as well as recent results should lead to positive projections. A discussion on various aspects of the industry with the board members ended the presentation, in which the board was quick to praise the local entity.A few action items were presented during the meeting, including the minutes of the April 2011 meeting and the payment of accounts payable. Both were approved. Another approval came from the final WETS incentive request. The six-year program is another success story within SEED, and it was mentioned that business has recently picked up for WETS.Also approved were the March 2010 financial statements, and an increase was noted in the sales tax for the past five out of the six months. SEED Executive Director Ken Becker said regarding the sales tax that he hopes the increase will be a "continued trend", adding that should the growth continue, 2011 would prove to be an outstanding year.In the Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director's Update, Kirstin Smith gave a brief report on the website which is currently in the programming process. The expectation is for a final review of the site to take place in two to three weeks and will allow SEED board members to offer feedback. Once the final review takes place, a presentation of the site will be made at the next SEED meeting.The AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) conference is coming up in Anaheim, CA on May 22-25, in which one board member will attend to represent the board. SEED will also have a booth at the exhibition and will offer promotional material such as flash drives with preloaded information on Sweetwater.EMA Electromechanics has scheduled their Ribbon Cutting and Luncheon for Tuesday, May 31. The ribbon cutting will take place at the EMA plant at 11 am and will be preceded by a luncheon at Sweetwater Country Club. EMA will be hosting the event with SEED helping to facilitate.Positive feedback was given on the 3rd annual Senior Interview Day which recently took place, which was also echoed by Executive Director Ken Becker in his report. Becker also offered his praise to Smith for her work in making the Interview Day successful.In addition, a brief update on past projects--that had been discussed in previous meetings--was given, in that all the outlets have been provided with the information needed.Becker also reported progress that was being made at Industrial Park, noting that SEED hopes to be looking at bids in the near future. The local entity also hopes to do some follow up contact with a group of attorney investors they recently hosted as well.