SEED Meeting held this past Monday

The SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on Monday morning, August 13, 2012 at the Chamber of Commerce building, where discussion took place on a possible incentive proposal for a local company.Benny Cornett with Cornett Computer Repair and Sales spoke to the board about his desire to grow his local business. With a repair shop located in downtown Sweetwater, Cornett continues to gain large commercial clients around Sweetwater and throughout Nolan County, such as courthouses, lawyers and real estate agents.The business is also obtaining school districts as clients in an effort to focus in on the education market. As his clientele expands, Cornett's desire is to make more hires in positions like an Apple technician, field techs, programmers and also wants to purchase tech vans.Ken Becker, the executive director of SEED, noted that the vans would be used within the 60-mile radius Cornett reaches to in a manner similar to Best Buy's "Geek Squad" for the area. Hands-on work is becoming in high demand, and Cornett also wants to pursue computer-based training throughout Texas. For instance, the overall computer market, he said, is great in the Big Spring area in that no one in the area is able to meet computer needs.Additionally, Cornett's business is already taking him across the state in areas like Odessa and Abilene. Opportunities are also available for his business to travel across the nation, with Cornett and his company having the potential to outreach to national and international markets in a variety of ways.Cornett noted that to him, the biggest deal is customer quality. At the present time, the work is available to the company with his large number of clients. However, he desires to grow his employee base while still remaining based in Sweetwater.Following the presentation, Cornett answered questions from the board members. Becker said that he along with some board members would meet with Cornett and his financial advisor in order to look at the growth potential and numbers while outlining specific plans to be discussed and considered no later than the September meeting. Thus, no action was taken.Also during the meeting, updates were heard from SEED staff. Kirstin Smith, the Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director, discussed the possibility of reworking the current logo in order to have a better impact in marketing. SEED will also be placing an advertisement in a popular oil and gas magazine for three months. The magazine will be distributed to top businesses in the market during the upcoming international oil and gas show to be held in the Permian Basin.Becker, in his monthly executive director's update, noted that meetings with ONCOR have taken place and that the work on the lighting at the Sweetwater Business Park will begin. Also in the Business Park discussion was maintenance as a bid had been received on mowing.He also noted that he recently attended an oil field class, which was a positive experience. He will also be attending a meeting in the fall to learn more about how SEED can understand the needs of retailers in regards to infrastructure.The board member recommendations were also discussed briefly, in that the city commission will also be involved in the process. A request was also made for a budget amendment, which would include obtaining a climate-controlled storage unit to house the new trade show booth, as well as keeping paperwork at an off-site location.The other few action items presented and approved at the meeting were the minutes from the July 2012 meeting, the payment of accounts payable, and the June 2012 financial statements. Becker gave a brief overview of the month, citing the sales tax numbers and unemployment rates.