Seed Survivor Mobile Exhibit visits Roscoe ISD

The Seed Survivor Mobile Exhibit, a plant nutrient classroom on wheels, visited Roscoe ISD Tuesday morning. The exhibit is used to introduce the younger generation to the importance of agriculture production of food and fiber, which supplies our nation's needs to survive and exist. Seed Survivor is a free, curriculum-based learning experience that encourages children in grades 1 through 6 to master the elements that plants need to grow.Students also go through a mobile exhibit where they are able to interact with computer simulations and games to explain the process and the inputs that it takes to produce a plant. These students leave with an understanding that plants need water, light, healthy soil and nutrients to survive. After learning the elements that plants need to survive, students are introduced to planting and growing a sunflower to take home with them so that they can experience and understand the needs of growing a plant.The Seed Survivor Mobile Exhibit is sponsored by Crop Production Services, Agrium and Farm Bureau. Special thanks go out to Danny Fullwood of Crop Production Services of Roscoe for bringing the mobile exhibit to Roscoe ISD.About Seed SurvivorSeed Survivor was developed in 2005 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was inspired by Agrium's 40x50 foot Seed Survivor Exhibit. Teachers and industry experts worked together to develop the display's activities, games and content. There are six interactive stations on water, light, soil, nutrients and growth.