SEED/MDD attends West Texas Legislative Summit in San Angelo

Staff Writer

A West Texas Legislative Summit was recently held in San Angelo. In attendance from Nolan County were Kim Alexander, Superintendent of Roscoe ISD, Miesha Adames, Assistant Marketing and Administrative Director from Sweetwater Economic Development and Ken Becker, Executive Director of Sweetwater Economic Development.
Topics discussed were International Trade: Agriculture, Energy, & Transportation
Speakers and attendees were in agreement that the USMCA needs to pass this year. The goal is to “do no harm” and improve many areas. Mexico has approved the proposed USMCA agreement.
Canada must have it read 3 times to their parliament - they have read it officially twice & waiting for the US to approve it before they have their 3rd reading.
Just a few facts from the panelists throughout the day:
1) 96% of the world population is outside the US
2) 80% of US Cotton is exported
3) Texas has over 466,000 miles of pipeline
4) If Texas was a Country, we would be the 3rd largest producer of oil & gas
5) Permian Basin has at least 7 pay zones ( maybe up-to 13) that go down at least 4000’
6) Transportation in Texas is key to Trade Success
7) Top 4 Countries US exports to: Canada, Mexico, China, and Japan
8) Texas - largest sheep producer in the US