Senior Interview Day planned for April

During Monday morning’s SEED (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) board of directors’ meeting, one update offered information on various upcoming events that the economic development group will be involved with.Kirstin Smith, the Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director, stated that in a little over a month, Senior Interview Day will be conducted on Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 24. Volunteers are needed to interview the students, and board members can either take part themselves or send a representative from their business to attend.This May, the 2013 Windpower conference will be held in Chicago, in which SEED will attend. Preparations are already taking place, as the event proves to be a great networking opportunity for businesses at home and abroad. Board members were asked to get in touch with SEED staff for more information and also if they were interested in attending the event.In addition, Smith discussed the sponsorship opportunities available for the 2013 Shale Show, which will be held in Sweetwater during the first part of October. At last month’s meeting, the board determined that their involvement at the local event was necessary.Two levels were recommended by SEED staff, and following some discussion among the board, the “Tycoon” level was selected to give SEED a generous presence. The Shale Show will be similar to the Permian Basin Oil Show, an industry event which is held every odd-numbered year.