Several items discussed at county meeting

Discussion was held during Monday's Nolan County Commissioners' meeting on the possibility of having a county credit card for travel purposes.Zach Wilcox with the Nolan County Extension Office made the presentation to the commissioners. He is currently in the process of booking hotel rooms for stock shows coming up in the first part of 2014, and it has continued to be a challenge to do so without a credit card and through the use of checks in the past.Upon his research, Wilcox discovered that an American Express or Visa business card could be used, in which he suggested that the card be placed in the care of the county judge and checked out as needed. However, any type of card would need to be acquired through the county's depository, Texas National Bank.While reimbursements have been done in the past, the process can take up to two weeks to be refunded. It was also noted that the Nolan County Sheriff's Office has a credit card that is used throughout the department. Precinct 2 commissioner Terry Locklar said that while a credit card is needed, guidelines should be established and consequences for misuse should be set up before moving forward. Among the guidelines would be who would use the card and in what manner. Should the credit card be used in the instance of food or mileage, the current guidelines set by the county would have to be changed.Sheriff David Warren, who was in attendance at the meeting, voiced his input on the matter in that his office has used a card for years and keeps strict documentation. He expressed that if a credit card was purchased for the county, accountability would need to be a vital factor.In order to conduct further research and determine guidelines and consequences, Precinct 3 commissioner Tommy White motioned for the item to be tabled, which was approved by the commissioners.Also during the meeting, approval was given to move the juvenile case manager (the under-30 hours regular position) from the Justice of the Peace (JP) department to the County Court at Law (CCAL) and divide the budget funds equally as a shared position.Although it would be used mainly by the CCAL, the shared position by the two departments would work toward keeping students in school by offering them resources as needed to avoid truancy. The tentative plan is to have the current juvenile case manager to take on the role on a contract basis.