SFD to purchase new rescue truck

At Tuesday's City Commission meeting, approval was given to increase the city's pension contribution to the Sweetwater Fireman's Relief and Retirement Fund.The request for the one percent increase--from 15% to 16%--came from the group's board of directors. The 15% rate has been in effect since 2000, and prior to that time the rate stood at 12%.The board of the Sweetwater Fireman's Relief and Retirement Fund has held several meetings, and a ballot was given to firefighters to vote on the increase. 25 votes were submitted in support the new rate.Sweetwater City Manager Eddie Brown stated that he was able to attend one of their meetings, and made the recommendation for the city to increase the rate. He also praised the firefighter board, some of who were in attendance, for their diligent work on the plan.Also regarding the local fire department, the commissioners gave approval authorizing staff to purchase a new rescue truck through the Buy Board state purchasing contract. This new truck will replace the 2000 model rescue truck that was recently totaled on Interstate 20, in which two firefighters were injured. From insurance, around $89,000 was received. And by going through the Buy Board, the city can bypass the bidding process and make a selection on what they want.In addition, the re-appointments of Jo Thompson, Lewis Williams, Marvin Keenan, Don Brock and Dan McCoy to the Cemetery Board were approved. Their new, two-year terms will expire on January 31, 2016.The commission also approved the city manager's appointment of Lloyd Harris to serve on the Civil Service Commission. Harris has served on the commission for several terms.Approval was also given toward a resolution amending the Central Rate Schedule for food service permit fees. The food service permit for an annual temporary permit will now be $25--a $10 increase, while the annual retail permit will now be $50.The Quarterly Investment Report for the quarter ending on December 31, 2013 was briefly reviewed by City Comptroller Patty Adames and was approved, as well as the minutes for the meeting held on December 10.