Sheriff's office obtains personnel, equipment

Following some action taken at the Nolan County Commissioners' meeting on Monday morning, September 24, 2012 at the county courthouse, the Nolan County Sheriff's Department will be getting some assistance in several ways.Approval was given to add two reserve deputy positions (non-paid) for the Sheriff's Department, with a total limit of four. With one currently serving and the two new volunteers, Sheriff David Warren spoke about how these people willingly donate their time and effort to serve in this capacity.Local citizen Steven Smith II and Chad Mitchell of Abilene will take on the two new non-paid positions, in which they have already gone through the training that is required of paid deputies. As fully-licensed peace officers, they will learn the job and get to know the county.In addition, the Nolan County Jail's Mentalix fingerprint system will be updated. Sheriff Warren presented the matter with the commissioners, recapping their previous meeting on the system back in June of this year.The current system--which has been in place for almost nine years--was obtained through a grant and is almost out of service after being used on a daily basis. The updated system would have a new scanner that is quicker and can even scan palm-prints while also boasting a 30-minute identification time.