SHS lifters excel at 1st meet of year

Sweetwater High School’s powerlifting teams did well at season-opening meets this past Saturday in Miles and compete again today at meets in Big Spring.The SHS boys were first and the girls second at Miles this past weekend.SHS had four individual boys winners in their re-spective weight classes — Jay Lomas (790 pounds) in the 123-pound class, Sam Nemir (1,270 pounds) in the 181-pound class, Mateo Gonzales (1,390) in the 242-pound class and Angel Caballero (1,005) in the su-perheavyweight class. Sam Nemir also won the Best Lifter Award for the meet.Also placing were Ryan Linebaugh, second in the 181-pound class (1,190); Kyle Lambert, second in the 198-pound class (1,050); Jonathan Browning, third in the 132-pound class (670); Donald Baker, third in the 148-pound class (910); Austin Marlett, fourth in the 148-pound class (850); Alex Garcia, fourth in the 181-pound class (1,115); Trey Harvey, fifth in the 148-pound class (735); Steven Le, sixth in the 181-pound class (885); Kendal Rea, seventh in the 220-pound class (1,000); and Zach Garcia, eighth in the 181-pound class (730).SHS had two individual girls winners in their respec-tive weight classes — Cari Aguilar in the 132-pound class and Joslyn Rosas in the 220-pound class.Also placing were Alexis Thompson, second in the 105-pound class; Valerie Zavaleta in the 114-pound class; Allie Zavaleta in the 123-pound class; Kimmie Lomas in the 132-pound class; Dana Hohn in the 165-pound class; and Lexie Perez in the 181-pound class. Individual totals were not given. Reagan County won the girls division and Clyde was third, while the boys’ closest challengers were Miles and Ballinger.