SHS, SMS girls at track meets

The Sweetwater High School and Sweetwater Middle School girls competed recently at track meets held in Colorado City and Big Spring, respectively. Individual results follow:VARSITY GIRLSKendra Crosson — 1st in 200 dash (26.8)Suede Shirley — 3rd in 200 dash (27.08)Abby Garcia — 6th in 200 dash; 6th in high jumpKayla Chowning — 4th in high jumpZanesha Collins — 6th in discusCierra Knox — 4th in shot put800 relay — 2nd (Kelsi Crosson, Kendra Crosson, Garcia, Shirley)8TH GRADE GIRLSKensi Chowning — 2nd in discus, 2nd in shot put, 4th in high jumpDavina Walker — 2nd in 100 dashLauren Jones — 3rd in 100 hurdlesLexi Kamer — 6th in shot put, 6th in discusRelays (no places given) — Kamer (400), Jones (400, 800), Rhylee Meneses (400, 800, 1600), Walker (400, 800), Maddie Berry (800), Jacinda Garcia (1600), Brittany Peeples (1600), Chowning (1600)7TH GRADE GIRLSAngela Blueford — 3rd in 100 dashSonora Medellin — 4th in high jump, 5th in 100 dash400 relay — 5th (Medel-lin, Eva Ornelas, Jessica Poe, Blueford)800 relay — 5th (Blueford, Ornelas, Poe, Medellin)