SHS students receive national certification

Several Sweetwater High School students received National Professional Certification in Customer Service by passing an industry-driven assessment. This new professional certification is based on national skill standards recognized by high performance employers from the retail, wholesale, personal services and real estate industries as critical to customer service success. The computer-based assessment required these certified individuals to respond to real-world job-related situations, using knowledge and skills widely recognized as important in high-performance workplaces.Certification recognizes demonstrated customer service knowledge and skills-which translates into competitiveness for the employer. Thousands of employees, from frontline workers to managers and trainers, representing hundreds of companies, identified the performance levels for these customer services skills. NRF Foundation managed this process for the Sales & Service Voluntary Partnership, a collaborative organization comprising several hundred large and small companies and other workforce partners. Other industries, including hotels, restaurants, banks, insurance and public service companies, have recognized the value of these customer service skill standards and this certification. Shown above (in no particular order) are Amber J. Archuleta, Joselyn E. Gonzalez, Shelby L. Gotcher, Rebekah E. Lopez, Sarah L. Ramirez, Christopher T. Rodgers, Sarah J. Ruiz, Olga A. Torrez, Hailey M. Wilkinson, Joshua M. Blizzard, Brittney N. Clark, Joshua S. Gomez, Bentley H. Guthrie, Ann M. Lansford, Nicholas Q. Limones, Jason K. Turner and Kelli M. Wofford. They are under the direction of Nina Wilson.