Sierra Club to release water report

A press event from the Sierra Club will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010 at noon CST. It will be held at the west entrance steps to the Abilene City Hall at 555 Walnut Street in Abilene. The Sierra Club will release a report, "What Would You Drink if the Well Ran Dry?--Nolan County Water and the Proposed Tenaska Coal-Fired Power Plant", which says that Nolan County does not have available water to support an intensive industrial use like the proposed Tenaska Trailblazer Coal Plant. It will be presented by Dr. Lauren Ross from Glenrose Engineering, Inc.; Dr. Jeff Haseltine and Whitney Root, Abilenians Against Tenaska; Jimmy Headstream, Multi-County Coalition; and Peter Wilson, Sierra Club.The report is being released by Glenrose Engineering, Inc. examining data on water availability and resources being considered by Tenaska Trailblazer Partners LLC's proposed coal-fired plant in Nolan County. The report states that a "Tenaska agreement to limit steam-electric power generation to dry-cooling technology does not resolve the problem of water availability for the proposed plant. Even with the water demand reduction from 11,000 to 2,000 acre-feet per year, there is a deficit of available fresh water in Nolan County to meet that demand."The public is invited to come to the press conference to learn more from the report's author Dr. Lauren Ross and hear from citizens from Nolan and surrounding counties. "This report provides further evidence that the proposed Tenaska Trailblazer coal-fired plant will be an undue burden on Texas's air and water," said event coordinators. Copies of the report will be available at the press event.For more information, contact Jennifer Powis at 713-984-4842, Jimmy Headstream at 325-660-4857 or Jeff Haseltine at 325-280-3669.