Singer, pianist to perform at Municipal Auditorium

Musician, singer and songwriter Kristine Mirelle will bring her unique style and sound to the stage of the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium on Saturday, Dec. 15, where she will play a variety of genres of music and for a wide demographic.Mirelle, a Roswell, New Mexico native, will showcase her piano and voice talents by performing some of her original songs, as well as popular Christmas music, current radio hits from other popular artists and music geared towards children for easy sing-along. She started her venture into music when her mother enrolled her in piano lessons at the age of four. “I was totally against it,” Mirelle said, but her mother promised her that if she tried it for a year and did not like it, she would let her quit. However, that never came up as the year passed. She fell in love with playing the piano and discovered she had a gift for it.Mirelle wrote her first full-length classical piece at the age of 8, and was an International Guild pianist by the time she was 13. She also won three consecutive National Sonata/Sonatina competitions and many other national classical piano song-writing contests. She later added singing to her talents.By the time she was 18, she knew music was what she wanted to pursue. She packed up everything she owned in her car and began traveling the country selling her CDs and going door to door to play or perform for anyone who would listen or who had a piano. “I would get doors slammed in my face, I was chased by dogs and people yelled at me,” she said of that experience. However, she stuck with it and took advantage of every opportunity to perform that she could find, including schools, fairs and festivals, and churches. Just as she did then, Mirelle writes all her music and lyrics and produces her own music. She is currently working on her newest album, “Temporary High.” She describes her music as an infusion of styles like swing, classical, hip hop and soul. Some of her musical influences are the late Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and The Black Keys. Mirelle hopes that the Sweetwater audience will be inspired by her music, like she is inspired by music. “I was inspired by a lot of different people,” she said, adding that some of those performers inspired her to continue to pursue her music career. She also said she likes to make people feel good and wants to get people in the Christmas spirit with her Christmas music.“I am excited about coming to Sweetwater,” Mirelle said. She pointed out that she lived in Dallas at one time and had traveled through this part of Texas. She said she’s looking forward to coming back to this part of Texas for her show on Dec. 15.The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets will be $10 each or $15 for reserved seating and will be available at the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce. Proceeds from the concert will go towards continued auditorium improvements, including paying for the new baby grand piano that Mirelle will be breaking in the night of her show.