SISD choir students selected to honor choirs

Success is being seen at Sweetwater ISD in the choral department, as several choir students from Sweetwater Middle School (SMS) and Sweetwater High School (SHS) students recently made the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) South Zone Honor Choir. The students auditioned on Saturday, October 20 in Abilene for coveted seats in the choir, in which several SHS choir students helped with the audition. The choir is composed of 7th, 8th, & 9th grade students from throughout the Big Country area. These students will perform in the TMEA South Zone Region Concert on Saturday, November 3 in Clyde: Sara Henington-2nd Chair, Soprano 2; Dylan Jimenez-3rd Chair, Bass; Martin Morini-6th Chair, Tenor 1; Kilanie Arpin-10th Chair, Alto; Megan Dean-24th Chair, Alto; and Tiana Santiago-2nd Alternate, Alto.In addition, several 6th grade students from SMS made the TMEA 6th Grade Honor Choir. The sixth grader choir students auditioned on Tuesday, October 23 for coveted seats in the honor choir. They competed with other 6th grade students from the Big Country area to make this Honor Choir. The following students will perform on Saturday, November 3 in the Region Concert in Clyde, TX: Lauren Browning, 8th Chair-Part 1; Anastasia White, 9th Chair-Part 1; Samantha Jones, 14th Chair-Part 2; Emma Foust, 16th Chair-Part 1; Cierra Hays, 20th Chair-Part 1; Max Rodriguez, 26th Chair-Part 2; Bianca Bohall, 29th Chair-Part 1; Kealee Kelso, 1st Alternate-Part 1; and Cyera Pieper, 1st Alternate-Part 2.