SISD maintenance team prepares for projects

The Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) Maintenance Department has recently completed many projects and are already looking ahead to their summer plans.The construction/maintenance update was given by Scott Lambert, the district’s maintenance director, during the March meeting of the SISD Board of Trustees.As mentioned in last month’s meeting, the west side ticket booth at the Mustang Bowl will be remodeled this summer to look similar to the booth on the south end. Pillars will be placed from the end of the tennis courts to the bus barn.The booth will be eight by ten feet tall with a double pane window. And after the current fence was hit over the Spring Break holiday, a new fence will be built.The companies who will completed the job are Metal, Inc.--out of Austin--and 3A Glass and Mirror. Combined, their costs come to around $30,000.In addition, two 6-foot metal gates will also be constructed, but will be further discussed at a later date. With many events taking place near the Bowl, such as tennis and softball, the district wants to visually improve the west side of the stadium.Other summer projects to be undertaken within the district include the replacement of a dishwasher and walk-in freezer at J.P. Cowen and Sweetwater High School (SHS), respectively. New carpet will also be installed in the SHS choir room as well as the band and choir halls at Sweetwater Middle School (SMS).SIS (Sweetwater Intermediate School) will also have tile installed in the upstairs classrooms, while windscreens will be placed at the J.P. Cowen playgrounds. Initial discussions are taking place to potentially add a marquee on 12th Street at SHS as well.One project that will impact the entire district will be the changing of the bus routes for next school year. With construction set to take place on Lamar Street, the road will not be used, resulting in the change.In the meantime, SISD has implemented a new way to keep track of hourly workers by way of an app [application] which uses QR codes that allow employees to clock in and out.The program is linked to the same system and has proven to be a great backup--as well as an improvement to technology--to track hours of the workers. At this time, the maintenance department has six employees, two secretaries and Lambert as the director.The maintenance department is also starting up their mowing and trimming schedule, along with a Monday campus patrol. So far, the latter assignment has been a positive addition to maintenance operations.Furthermore, several projects were recently completed over Spring Break. New window screens were placed at SMS, trees were trimmed at SIS, and the sidewalks near the interior playground at J.P. Cowen were powerwashed.The major project completed was the installation of the new security system at SIS, East Ridge, Southeast and J.P. Cowen. Overall, the system has been well-received and discussions were held on possibilities to further secure the other campuses.