Small gesture by Sweetwater HS volleyball team makes big impression on grieving mom

Staff Writer

SWEETWATER (KTXS)— A small gesture by the Sweetwater High School volleyball team made a big impression on a grieving mother.
Lori Dobias was on her way from New Mexico to Austin on Monday when she stopped in Lamesa to use the restroom.
The Lady Mustangs -- who were on their way to Denver City for a match -- had stopped there for the same reason.
Lori walked in to the convenience store and saw a long line of volleyball players waiting to use the restroom.
She turned to leave when one of the players said “you can go in front of us.”
When Lori said she could wait, the player walked into the bathroom and told all of her teammates to let Lori through.
“Each girl parted and let me use the bathroom next,” Lori said. “I thanked them all as I walked out trying to hold myself together.”
Lori posted something about the experience on the high school’s Facebook page.
Macey was only 28 years old.
“I have been living in deep sorrow and overwhelming grief,” Lori said. “I have isolated myself and it’s hard to even be out in public. I had been contemplating and trying to find the good left in life. These young ladies have no clue the impact they have made in my life.”
Coach Mitzi Bell -- who also has a 28-year-old daughter -- told KTXS she cried when she read the post.
“We talk about the impression we leave on others and how we want to represent ourselves,” Bell said.
Principal Jeff Perez read the post to the players Tuesday and Bell cried again.
“There was not a dry eye in the gym,” Bell said.
It sounds like the girls are not the only ones from Sweetwater who made an impression on Lori.
After posting about her encounter with the volleyball team, other people from the city reached out to her.
Lori said she is “overwhelmed and humbled” by the responses.
“I had never even heard of Sweetwater before yesterday and today this community is praying for me!” Lori said.