SMS Teacher of the Month

Staff Reporter

Mr. Hopple has been chosen as Sweetwater Middle School “Teacher of the Month” for September. Mr. Hopple has demonstrated commitment and dedication to the students at SMS and often goes above and beyond what is required of him. You will often find him at school late at night and on weekends preparing his lessons and decorating classrooms and halls. His desire is for each of his students to be successful. He constantly tries new teaching techniques and frequently studies student data to get a clear understanding of where each of his students are in their education. He is a data guru and many of his lessons are based off of the data he accumulates. His students are successful in his math classes and he always has a high percent of his students pass the STAAR test.
Mr. Hopple is quick to help another teacher when the need arises. He will cover a class when needed, address technology issues for teachers, gather data for teachers and frequently volunteers for additional duties. He will run a concession stand, plant flowers in the flower garden, rake leaves, sweep floors, paint and hang decorations.
Mr. Hopple does much more than just teach at SMS, he is part owner of SMS. He takes pride in his campus and in the students he teachers and he will do whatever it takes to make sure students at SMS get the best education possible.